AI Solutions

Dimaag-AI Focuses on Verticals in Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy, Oil & Natural gas and Robotics.


Dimaag-AI Defect Detection in Manufacturing


Dimaag-AI's Proprietary Technology


Deep Engagement

Our deep engagement model ensures creating value for your organization from our AI-powered deployment.

Power of Data

Where other AI companies fail, Dimaag-AI focuses on data-preparation and model creation.

Production Deployment

Post-deployment gets even better with Dimaag-AI. We ensure the AI solution continues to get better over time.


Who we are

We are a premier team of AI architects providing cutting-edge solutions across a variety of real-life applications.

What we do

We love putting to work our years of AI domain knowledge. We provide seamless AI solutions for the problems that your enterprise is faced with.

How we help you

Our AI expertise when combined with your product knowledge can bring compelling AI solutions for your organization. Let us help you take the next steps in empowering you with AI technologies.