We are an exciting high-tech startup company building global solutions to large corporations. Our team consists of high caliber AI experts, Data Scientists, Systems Engineers who love to develop solutions at a disruptive pace.

Our company has a global presence and we are looking for highly motivated technologists to join the exciting journey with us.


You will be a high caliber AI researcher, well-published in the industry, and have the knack to solve tough problems.

PhD in Computer Science or related field required. 3+ years of relevant work experience preferred.

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You will be able to take our technology solutions into large corporations and convert them into successful engagements. You should have the acumen to identify unique opportunities in a wide range of business leads coming in. You will be responsible for project success working closely with Engineering and Support teams.

MBA with 5+ years of Business Development experience required.

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You will develop world-class machine learning models and algorithms, productize code, flows and technologies. You will develop graphical user-interfaces, visualization tools, and applications.

B Tech / B E degree in Computer Science with 2+ years of AI / Machine Learning Experience required.

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You will oversee a complete AI project for its technology development and model deployment. You will have research background in solving tough AI problems and can produce results superior to published results in industry.

You stay on top of published machine learning and modeling techniques. You are considered an authority in this topic in the Industry.

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You will be an expert in analyzing large datasets, evaluating anomalies, find patterns, and can infer statistical properties of data. You can build scalable models based on machine learning, and interpret model results.

B Tech / B E in Computer Science with 2+ years of big data and data science experience required.

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You will interface with existing and potential customers, ensuring healthy interaction between Dimaag-AI Engineering teams and Customer production teams.

Engineering Degree with Sales / Business Development experience required. Specialization in manufacturing industry preferred.

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