Dimaag-AI stands out from other AI solution providers because we understand how to package the solution for industrial applications. Our AI solution does not require any AI expertise from our customers, and we make sense of the AI results in our software.

Ease of Use

Our software can guide you through data organization and labeling easily. While most AI companies require you to have data sanitized already, our engagement model helps you work with the data you have and make it easy to consume into our AI flow.

Robust AI model

We turn your data into a powerful AI model that works across all your product line up. Our data scientists can spot the anomalies in the data, and flag these back to you to sanitize further. This unique feedback in the collaboration helps build robust AI models that yield the best possible results in your deployment.

High Accuracy

Our expertise in building and deploying AI solutions for a variety of real world problems ensure our models providing high accuracy of results. We provide you a multitude of options and flexibility so you can tune the model to your goals (example, lowest error rate  vs. reduce false-positives).

Cost Savings

We have the acumen to identify Use Cases for your business that provide the best possible value. Our AI solutions bring efficiency to your existing processes, and maximize resource productivity. Our customers have realized huge cost savings as a result of deploying Dimaag-AI solutions.