Customer Engagement

Dimaag-AI specializes in bringing AI-powered solutions to our customers. We make it simple and work with our customers all the way to production. 

The above flowchart is a common engagement model that we have successfully deployed at several major corporations to bring value to their product flows.  We assure that we will exercise our expertise to bring the best value to your AI transformation.

Our engineers and business analysts will work with your production team to layout a detailed plan on the AI deployment. Most importantly, we ensure there is no work stoppage or disruption to your production flows. We train your production engineers to understand the flow, and educate them on how to react to the unforeseen situations. We will empower your team to gain AI expertise and gain confidence in the deployed AI solution.

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Our customers have the best knowledge about their business model, processes, and resource efficiency. 

Dimaag-AI has the expertise on AI solutions that make sense for real world applications.

Together, we can bring the power of AI to work for your organization.

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