Predictive Maintenance

Dimaag-AI has revolutionized Predictive Maintenance solutions across several verticals including Automotive, Electronics, Energy, and Manufacturing. Our AI solutions are proven in production, deployed to maximize production and predict events with a high-level of accuracy, which help corporations schedule maintenance, prevent work-stoppage, and save money and capital investment on high-value equipment.


Key Benefits

Proven AI-solution deployed in production

Achieves high-levels of accuracy, typically only possible with AI and Domain expertise

Proprietary and Patented AI technology, Feature engineering, and Algorithms

Highly scalable across production lines

Dynamic solution that continually learns and improves over time

Better quality of service and reduced downtime

AI driven predictive maintenance platform has several stages automated

Predictive Maintenance in Automotives

Domain expertise in deploying solutions for energy, oil & natural gas and semiconductor manufacturing

Multiple Modeling Paradigms